Heating systems


Topsystem Ltd. offers a whole service package: design, creation, delivery andinstallation of indoor heating systems:

- installation of electric-fired, gas-firedboilers, oil and solid fuel boilers;

- installation of collectors

- installation of expansion vessels and circulation pumps

- installati on of stand pipes and duct work ( piping made of steel, polyethylene, polypropylene, copper ) connecting the boilers and the radiators

- installation of radiators, towel rail heaters, water boilers with serpentine


We can create and install heating systems in all types of buildings: commercial and business centers, residential buildings, hotel resorts, schools, industrial buildings, etc.


Тopsystem Ltd. is experienced in the installation of alternative energy sources – solar and thermal systems, renewable energy technologies.

The solar water heating systems, tha twe offer are highly efficient and progressive– with the latest technological improvements. We can design and install solar heating systems with capacity of 100 liters up to 10 000 liters.They are suitable for residential buildings, hotel resorts, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, care homes for elderly people, etc.

Topsystem Ltd. can offer you high-class solar systems with vacuum tube collectors, that will keep you warm even during the cold winter days. Our solar systems combine two very important advantages: high-quality and attractive, reasonable prices. More over they can be used all-year-round and are suitable for the heating of water and for some extra heating in the buildings.






Daikin Altherma ( air source heat pump system ) and Mitsubishi Electric Power invertor ( highly efficient inverter air-conditioner). The average coefficient of performance ( СОР ) is 4, in case of permissible load and functional regime. The system can operate in two rates heating and cooling, or only heating.This is an intelligent solution for low-cost, energy-saving heating and cooling of residential houses, which also provides hot water for the household.


The system contains of three parts. One of them is the outdoor inverter unit– can work with in temperature range of-20С to+ 25С/ when heating the drinking water up to+43С/ and provides maximum temperature of circulating water of+55С.The out door unitis connected with the indoor unit ( hydro-module) through refrigerant piping lines.The systems also contains expansion vessel, fittings, additional immersion heater and control system.Asanoption, we offer boilers for drinkin gwater, made of high quality stainless steel with capacity of 150, 200, 300 liters. They are equipped with pipe heat exchanger and spare immersion heater, both placed in the upper part of the boiler ( they are also used for weekly thermal disinfection ).The heat-pumpsystem is modern, cheap and energysaving solution for heating, cooling and providing the residential houses with hotwater.


We are going to do our bestt ofindan individual approach to every client and his special needs and requirements. You can rely on us!

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