TOPSYSTEM a firm dealing with elaboration, delivery, installation and service maintenance of ventilation, electro and heating installations for the needs of private or local individuals. 


TOPSYSTEM a team of professionals with many positive references from customers in different business areas - industrial, commercial and residential, healthcare organizations, non-profit organizations, schools, places of business services, and more.

The activity of TOPSYSTEM Ltd is divided in several groups, which are administered by the departments of the company, namely:


"Sales Department"makes general consulting  services and developmentof  projects related to design and implementation of ventilation, air conditioning, electrical and heating systems. The proposed technique is build on the most advanced technologies to ensure efficiency and economy


 Section "Production" has hired a specialized production base of fans and recuperator / energy / blocks; rectangular ducts of galvanized, ventilation grills and metal structures. The workshop is equipped with all facilities necessary for quality production standards as required.


 Department "Service" makes warranty, out of warranty and maintenance subion and supportsHVAC units and facilities

Section "Installation activity" is responsible for the supply, installation and maintenance of airway networks - AHU - chillers (chillers, split - systems, multi - split systems, VRF) - pipes (hot and cold supply). Power Systems: Power conditioning, alarm, video surveillance, fire alarm, control of access.Allinstallation activities are carried out according to individual agreements and developed technical design for the client with the required quality, precision, in time and from highly qualified staff.


A new 'Department of RES plants ":since2011 the company opened a new department focused on the photovoltaic, hydropower, steam generators and pirogenezis.

Priority is to help the development of renewable energy and to reducepollution on Earth.



A major priority for TOPSYSTEM Ltd. is maintaininga high quality of work and reinforcingsatisfaction for our customers. To achieve its goals, the company takes care to maintain optimal high skill levels of its employees, which together with the use of cutting edge technology, rapid communication and attention to detail makes TOPSYSTEM LTD preferred business partner.

In the performance of their professional commitments we always aim to deliver the best and integral care in protecting the environment.



                                                                                                              Company director: Milen Zhelyazkov

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