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Topsystem Ltd. designs coolers in variety of sizes in accordance with our customers’ needs. The sectional coolers are used for the cooling and short-term storage of perishable food, that can be ether cooled or frozen. Sectional coolers are installed in utility rooms with natural or mechanical ventilation, protected form direct sunlight or even placed under a sun-shed.

There are two types of sectional coolers:

- medium-lowtemperature coolers – temperatures from + 10o up to -5o С 

- lowtemperature coolers– temperatures from -15o up to - 25o С

Thecoolers’ properfunctioningrequireenvironmentaltemperatureof+ 15o up to + 45oС.




The sectional coolers are made of polyurethane foam sandwich panels with wave-peak connection, which makes the installation of the cooler quick and easy. Besides if needed the disassembly of the system or the addition of another section to the cooler is simple and requires no efforts. The inside and outside part of the panels is coated in galvanized sheet iron, with plastic coating.





The sectional coolers are supplied with compressors of the companies:

Copeland, Blue star, Aspera, L’unite Hermetique, Electrolux, HELPMAN- Norway, Bitzer – Germany.

The compressors are easily installed on the walls of the coolers.

When installing the sectional cooler, special soft ware is used. This guarantees the proper functioning of the system and synchronizes it with the environmental conditions and all the prescribed requirements.

The electric panel contains an electronic plate with microprocessor, through which the temperature can be regulated manually.

Note: For the proper functioning of the cooler, the daily input of products should not be over 10% of the cooler’s capacity The temperature of the products, prior to their placement in the cooler, should not be more than +15o (for medium-low temperature coolers) and up to 5o (for low temperature coolers).

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