Ventilation and air conditioning systems



Topsystem Ltd. has rich experience in designing, manufacturing and installation of ventilation systems in various types and sizes:

-          Ventilation systems for kitchens, restaurants and cafeterias, offices, hotels and residential buildings, parking lots ( all meeting the requirements of Health Inspection Services )

-          Industrial ventilation systems – manufacturing warehouses, service departments, chemical oxidation warehouses, nickel-plating warehouses.

-          Topsystem has a professional team of experts, specialized in installation of central ventilation systems for hotel resorts, commercial centers - malls, business centers. We are also experienced in installing extremely efficient, reliable, energy saving air-conditioning and ventilation systems of a new generation VRV, VRF (variable refrigerant volume, variable refrigerant flow ). Our company works with ROOF TOP types of systems, DUKT machines  and the products of leading manufacturers.

Topsystem Ltd. offers intelligent solutions in accordance with the specifications of every building, the requirements of every standard and the uniqueness of every client.

Topsystem Ltd. has as partners, companies that are leaders on the national and the European market, manufacturers and importers of high quality products.

The company is the official dealer of Italian manufacturers of chillers with CLINT  brand and has Owned service center for repair of large chillers.











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